Yes and no.


  • There are some manufacturers who produce one comforter and duvet cover at 90" or longer then sell it as both twin and twin XL, a perfectly acceptable practice because students can use them on either size mattress with no difficulty.
  • There are a handful of manufacturers and retailers who are labeling standard twin bedding (86" and 88" long comforters and duvet covers) as Twin/Twin XL. Some even bundle or box them with twin XL sheets and sell the set as a Twin XL Bedding Package. DormSmart believes bedding should be labeled according to its dimensions so that students can make the decision as to whether or not they want to use a standard size comforter or duvet cover on their twin extra long bed. It is their money.
  • In our research, DormSmart has uncovered a fitted sheet in Europe that is manufactured with a patented process and a combination of fabrics that allows it to be used on a twin or twin extra long mattress without sliding off (it fits both perfectly). It can be washed in hot water and will always retain its memory. We have tested this fitted sheet with great success and believe it to be dorm smart for those students whose college uses both mattress sizes, meaning their dorm room bed size may change from one school year to the next. Therefore, we will be adding it to our inventory. To date, this is the only true twin/twin XL product we have discovered.

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