DormSmart Welcomes MicroFridge

For students needing to take a MicroFridge with Safe Plug Technology to campus, get it at DormSmart!

Microfridge, a favorite among colleges and universities, makes an all in one appliance specifically designed for dorm room living at college and boarding school; offering students a safe, energy efficient, and convenient food storage and prep solution in their dorm room or campus apartment. This eliminates the need for toaster ovens, hot plates, and other unsafe appliances. 

Here's what makes Microfridge DormSmart:

  • UL Listed: Tested and Marked for Public Safety (Required for College Housing) 
  • Patent Pending Safe Plug® Technology: Reduces Risk of Circuit Overloads in Dorm Rooms 
  • Green Living: Energy Star Qualified Conserves 30% More Energy Saving Money 
  • Dorm Room Size: Compact Appliance for Students Living on Campus 
  • One Plug Appliance: One Plug Safely Operates Refrigerator, Freezer, and Microwave 
  • Zero Degree Freezer: Separate Zero Degree Freezer Keeps Food Frozen 
  • Manufacturer Limited Warranty: 10 Years 

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